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Sunday, Nov. 3 - Church service followed by Martinmas festival

Sunday, Nov. 3, at 10:00 - Church service followed by Martinmas festival at the Yonkers Church. The New York Latvian Concert Choir will have a retrospective on their participation in the Song Festival in Rīga, Latvia this summer. For lunch there will be goose, duck, turkey, chicken, sauerkraut and other delicacies. Terēze Apsīte will be selling Latvian style black bread, pīrāgi and other goodies. Admission by donation starting at $20. All are invited by the New York Latvian congregation Northern region's Ladies Aid committee. For information and to RSVP by Oct. 15 write: Baibai Klavins, or call tel. (201) 288-4917.

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