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Saturday, Nov. 16 - Latvian Independence Day Commemoration

Saturday, Nov. 16, at 14:00 - Latvian Independence Day Commemoration, at the Yonkers Church.
Program will feature an address by Dr. Guntis Šmidchens, head of the Baltic Stuies Program aty the Univerity of Washington, (in Latvian) and a concert by the New York Latvian Concert Choir. A social afternoon will follow the program in the church's social hall, downstairs, with hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.
ORDER TICKETS: Admission is $30 at the door but until November 10 tickets may be ordered for $25 (or Labvēļu ( benefactor) tickets at $75 - see below). Free admission for children up to 14 years of age and for Latvian school pupils. To order tickets send a self-addressed and stamped envelope, with payment - make checks payable to "Council of American Latvian Orgs. of N.Y., Inc." to
Imants Kalninš
42 Hackensack Street
Wood Ridge, NJ 07075.
Please indicate clearly how many tickets, and of what type (regular or benefactor), you are ordering. For benefactor tickets indicate what name, or names, to print in the program.
We cordially invite you to support Latvian cultural events and educational programs by purchasing Labvēļu (Benefactor) tickets for the Latvian Independence Day celebration in New York!
You will have preferred seating and your name (or that of your business) printed in the program. More importantly, your donation will allow the Council of American-Latvian Organizations of New York (CALNY) to continue sponsoring Latvian theater performances, concerts and other cultural events for the Greater New York Latvian community. These events benefit not only audiences locally but they provide opportunities for artists from Latvia to perform abroad and broaden their perspectives. Travel expenses, US visas and other costs cannot always be covered from admission fees alone. The CALNY also donates to cultural, educational and youth projects both within the New York area and elsewhere - also in Latvia. Therefore please consider becoming a Benefactor. Your donation to the Latvian Independence Day event will support Latvian culture, education and youth all year! Visit: www.NYLatvian.org

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