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Valodas perioda informācija 2011

Informācija par 2011. gada Valodas periodu.

Information about Valodas periods 2011.


Valodas periods: no 31. jūlija - 13. augustam   / Valodas periods:July 31- August 13


Welcome to another great summer in Elka Park, NY at the Latvian Lutheran Church Camp.  Valodas Periods is a two-week session designated for those campers who are of the Latvian heritage but do not speak the language. During the two weeks at Valodas Periods, campers (aged 6-16) will participate in Valodas Klase (time spent on the language, history, and traditions), learn Latvian folk dances, sing Latvian songs, create art & crafts projects, participate in sports, swim, and attend religion services in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. 


This year’s theme is “gasima” or “light” more information will follow that will pertain to certain activities and dances.  Any questions please email Elissa Millers, camp director, at or call 908.415.3670.


Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new! 


Camp Director: Elissa Millers


Program Director: Mara Dajevskis




Camp health / meningitis forms:

Dear families - All campers are required to have forms completed and signed by their pediatricians. Feel free to use either this form or the standardized form used by your doctor's office. Meningitis vaccinations are optional; see additional information in the forms and instructions below.

2011veselibas_formas.doc                  2011veselibas_formas.pdf



Please find one file of additional information:


Helpful Hints for Valodas Periods 2011.docx

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