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New York Latvian Concert Choir's Advent concert at the Yonkers church

Sunday, Dec. 2 at 10:00 - New York Latvian Concert Choir's Advent concert at the Yonkers Church (Jonkeru baznīca). An invocation will precede the concert. Program - Valdis Zilveris: "ZVAIGŽŅU GAISMĀ" (premier performance), Ingmārs Zemzaris: "EMMANUEL, THOU GOD ON HIGH!", Urmas Sisask: "JOULU ORATORIUM (Christmas Oratorio)". Solo - Laila Liepiņa Southard, Sarma Dindzāne-Van Sant, Irīna Kats, Laura padega-Zamura, Andris Saulītis, Kārlis Kancāns. Conductor - Andrejs Jansons. Concert supported by the New York state Council on the Arts. At the Christmas market following the concert you may buy beautiful gifts – choir CD-s, items at the congregation womens committee book table and other items from other vendors. After the concert all are invited to the downstairs hall for a Sunday brunch. Admission: $25 (children up to 12 years of age – free), includes the brunch. Tell others if you are coming to the event "NY Latvian Concert Choir Advent Concert" on Facebook: Facebook. Invite your friends and acqauaintences!

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