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Dedication of "Ēdamzāle", June 18!

"Ēdamzāle" dedication at the Catskills summer camp: June 17-19, 2011.


Please see complete information in the two files immediately following, or the summary below.


Online registration for this event will be possible on 5/20/11.


Ēdamzāles iesvētīšana - latviski

Ēdamzāles iesvētīšana - english


Online registration for the "Ēdamzāle" dedication >>>

(Unfortunately we do not accept American Express).

Fri. June 17
 19:00 - The "Melnais Lācis" cafe will open and start serving hors-d'oeuvres, wine and beer (Aldaris and others).
Sat. June 18:
 09:00 - Registration at the new Ēdamzāle office;
 11:00 - Blessing of the new Ēdamzāle;
 12:00 - First champagne toast in the new Ēdamzāle;
 12:30 - Lunch at the "Melnais Lācis" grill;
 13:30 - Sports activities for all ages & refreshments at the "Melnais Lācis" cafe;
 :19:30 - Inaugural Ball in the new Ēdamzāle, dinner by Maija Jansone, dance music by "The Lugers".
Sun. June 19:
 09:00 - Breakfast;
 11:00 - Church service in the open-air mountain church;
 12:00 - Sad goodbyes.
Participation donation: $85 per person; or $250 per family; $40 for campers (nometņotāji); free for "Īkšķīši".
Overnight accomodation not included: To reserve rooms at the camp call Janīna, tel. (518)589-9932.

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In connection with this, there will also be a volleyball tournament. Follow updates about the event "Jaun-Edam Zales Voleja Turnirs (Edam Zale's Grand Opening VB Tournment)" on Facebook:  and let people know if you will attend.
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