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The Second week of Īksķīšī"

This summer starting July 11, 32 Latvian children from ages 2-7, got together at the Īkšķīšu nometne camp. With them came parents, grandparents, au pairs, and their even younger brothers and sisters. Every day the parents actively and creatively  involved their children in interesting and exciting activities which the children enjoyed from early morning to late in the evening. The children had opportunites to take part in sports, swimming, create interesting works of art, cook and press juices, go on night games with dances, the toad and the skunk, follow Heidi on a trip to grandfathers cheese works in the "Debesu pļavās", cook hot dogs on a campfire, fish, dance ballet, and much more. Spiritual activities for the little ones were led by pastor Jogita Mingina. Everu day the children sang under the ringing guidance of Krisite Skare, and pranced folk dances and games led by Līga Sūrīte and Imanta Nīgale. Thanks to the Dzenis family, the Īkšķīšu family could enjoy afternoons at Dzenis family lake, but daily swimming in the Nometne lake guarded by Karlis Budkēvics, Mara Bērziņa, and Liīna Bataraga.
The children and their parents have now returned home, but they still have fond and wonderful memories of their summer at the camp "Nometne", and impatiently await the time when they will meet again at next summer's Īkšķīši nometne!

See photos from the 2010 Īķšķīši B period. (Please see the Latvian version of this article.) 


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